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Click the link on the Login Page titled "Forgot password? Click here.", enter your Email Address, and your current Password will be sent via email to your current email address.
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You will be automatically registered upon placing your first ad.  While placing your first ad you will be asked for your Email Address and to choose a Password.  A confirmation of your first ad and your password will be sent to your email address, as well a link in that email will be used to activate your first ad and your account.  You can change your email address and/or password later by clicking on "Edit My Profile" while logged into  Customers are entitled to free use of the website for placing ads and corresponding with Vendors. never gives out your Email Address to anyone, for any reason.  Not even Vendors will be entitled to your Email Address unless you provide it to them directly!
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To begin the registration process, from the Login screen click on the link titled "New Vendor, Register Here!".  We will require your valid email address, as well you must provide full company and contact information to register.  You can change your company and contact information later by clicking on "Edit My Profile" while logged into  As well, once logged in, you will have access to all of the FAQ's specific for Vendors, as well as full use of the search functions, commercial placement, as well as the ability to manage your account.  Vendors are entitled to use of the website for contacting customers based on the customer's ads placed, as well Vendors have all the free privledges a Customer is entitled to within the website.
If you have futher questions:
Please click on the "Contact Us" link and forward all particulars to our attention.