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What is zumfish?

zumfish is a time & money saving shopping tool for you to use FREE!  Customers' want ads are displayed to local businesses who can then utilize the zumfish system to contact these customers through the site, keeping the customer's information confidential.

- Customers post an "I-Want-Ad" for new products or services they are interested in purchasing (zumfish is best suited to new, larger ticket items such as vehicles, home renovations, vacations, swimming pools, etc.).  Posting this ad is completely free on
fish.  The customer can explain exactly what they are wanting to purchase in this ad, as well they can ask for clarification on any questions or ask for any information required to make their purchasing experience better (ie differences in vehicles, best family vacation destination, etc.).

- Vendors, which are local stores & businesses, review those ads posted by the customer and as they find a customer which they can service, the vendor is then able to send the customer a message through zumfish to introduce themselves and explain their products and services, provide pricing, as well as answer any initial questions the customer has put in their ad.  From here customers and vendors are free to correspond through the zumfish message board, building a relationship, giving customers the answers they need while letting vendors accent their strengths. 

Customers using are contacted by local business, build trust with that business or salesperson, and then visit that business to close their deal. eliminates the need for the customer to go store-to-store looking for answers and information.  When the customer does visit the business the salesman knows the customer is not a "tire kicker", there is already a relationship, they know the customer is serious, and both parties are familiar with the other ending in a mutually beneficial business transaction

How do I get a zumfish password?
What can I post in my free ad?
How do I send and receive messages with a vendor?
As a customer, how do I post an ad on zumfish?
How much does it cost me to post an ad on zumfish or use the confidential response system?
Does the vendor get my personal information?
Is there any obligation to buy?
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How many vendors will respond to my ad?
Do I have to go through zumfish to make the purchase?
How do I use the zumfish confidential response system to view vendors' responses?
How do I become a vendor?
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